Porcelain Earrings with Gold and Silver

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These ceramic earrings  are high-fired porcelain.  The colors, textures, and surface qualities are derived from the selection of glazes that I create myself. I use 22 Karat gold and white gold in the last firing to accent and infuse them with a lustrous finish.They are inspired by a landscape from Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, which is a world heritage site. It is a direct impression of a stone from the 10 mile long Fiord; a narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep cliffs that was formed by glacial erosion. The detail in the middle is inspired by the “Table Lands”, a mountain also in the park made from the material from beneath the crust of the earth. It  is reversible, featuring a scene form the park.

the ear wires are gold vermeil.

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Dimensions .75 × .5 in


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